April 25, 2019

Web Design Portfolio

Client: Jeff Stanger
Project: Blog Design (2008) [link]

Client: Indiana Network for Early Language Learning
Project: IN-NELL Website (2007) [link]

Client: Sycamore School Spanish
Project: Blog and Podcast Design (2007)

Client: Indiana Telehealth Advisory Consortium
Project: Indiana TAC Website (2006) [link]

Client: Helena Handbasket
Project: Website and Store (2006) [link]

Client: Jeff Stanger
Project: Website Redesign (2006)

Client: Future Karnies of America
Project: FKA Podcast Wesite (2005)

Client: William K. Marshall, D.D.S.
Project: Website Design (2005)

Client: Jeff Stanger
Project: Trolley Dodgers Website (2004)

Client: Indianapolis Limousine
Project: Website Design (2004)