April 25, 2019

How to fix the hum/buzz of a Blue Yeti USB Microphone

We recently added a Blue Yeti USB microphone to our studio setup for recording podcasts and videos. But it continued to have an issue with humming/buzzing that we couldn’t pin down via the software settings.

As it turns out, the issue was actually an easy and cheap one to fix, and it had nothing to do with the software settings. The problem was the Blue Yeti desk stand.

Products mentioned in the video:

PodPress 8.8 and WordPress 2.6

Just a word of caution for anyone who is using their WordPress install in order to power a podcast via PodPress…DO NOT UPGRADE TO WORDPRESS 2.6 just yet.  There is an issue with PodPress 8.8 that won’t allow you to add and save the audio file(s) in WordPress 2.6.  Dan from Mighty Seek said an update should be avaialble 10 days from now, so keep your eyes open for that.


The new version is still not out, but Andrew Ozz has posted a quick fix for those of you who don’t want to wait and are comfortable updating the plugin code yourself.

Karnie Christmas 2006

Sit back, relax and listen to The Future Karnies of America in their second annual Christmas podcast.

  • Rockin’ Around the Tilt-A-Whirl
  • Bumper Cars
  • Do You Smell What I Smell
  • The Karnie Song
  • While By My Ducks
  • Santa’s Using Karnies Now
  • A Visit From Karnie Klaus
  • Here Comes Uncle Elmo
  • Oh Tilt-a-Whirl
  • Christmas with the Karnies
  • The Karnie Song (‘munk re-mix)

Trolley Dodgers Podcast

The Trolley Dodgers Podcast has officially been launched. Be sure to check it out on a regular basis for a short and humorous take on current events from around the globe. At the moment new releases are scheduled for release roughly on a weekly basis and the vast majority of podcasts will be under 5 minutes in length.

Also, if you are in need of consulting on any aspects of podcasting, feel free to contact us.

Future Karnies of America Podcast

Watershed Studio and Trolley Dodgers are proud to bring you The Future Karnies of America Podcast.

The first episode is the 2005 Christmas edition with the “Karnie Christmas Classics”; Randolf the One-Armed Karnie, Carnie Wonderland, Pitchmen We Have Heard on High, 12 Karnie Days of Christmas, The Carnival is Coming to Town & Randolf (‘munk re-mix).