March 23, 2019

Camelio Kids’ Tablet Review


The CAMELIO ($99.99 from is a unique, Android tablet that allows you to customize and personalize your tablet with your favorite characters.

Up to 5 users can easily create their own profile and customize their account with Camelio “Personality Packs” (sold separately). Personality packs allow users to customize wallpaper, widgets, lock screens, camera and photo editor and a themed bumper case. In addition, licensed games, video, music, and books are also included and vary by theme.

As an adult I certainly wouldn’t trade in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for it, but this is a great, inexpensive, tablet option for children. My own kids have been using this for a while now, with no complaints other than who gets to use it next.

Bottom Line: Buy it for the kids, they’ll have a blast with it, and it will free up your own phone and/or tablet. Plus being Android based, there are plenty of free game options they can choose from, such as Angry Birds and Temple Run.

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