September 21, 2020

Dot.column: Are QR codes worthwhile or worthless?


  1. I can’t stand QR codes. It’s such an inelegant solution to what is barely a problem in the first place.

    The so-called “problem” is that there’s no easy way to get information from the analog world into the digital world. (Never mind that we’ve been typing in information for ages, or using unobtrusive means like traditional barcode scanners.)

    The right solution to this problem is to use a font like Westminster

  2. I have mixed feelings. I have seen QR codes on promotions and felt frustrated when they didn’t work. However – I used it recently to pull up reviews for a vacuum I was considering. It was nice to have access instantly to that info. It can be a bit slow though – wonder if something better and faster isn’t just around the corner.

  3. I’ve been reading about this a lot lately. QR codes have been used for a while now with the automotive industry but I feel like this is something that could really take off with normal consumer products. As long as they stay reliable, this might be the next thing that is huge for any product information market.

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