November 29, 2020

Dot.column: Gosh, the Internet sure is big. How can it be more local for me?


  1. I agree with you 100% Brian! While I don’t use Foursquare as much (nor as much as I should!), I do use social media quite a bit with a heavy emphasis on twitter and Facebook. When I’m using twitter, I like to use Hootsuite as my twitter app of choice both on my laptop and cell phone because it is server based instead of using my laptop’s memory. Also, the analytics are fantastic! Don’t forget to create a local stream that focuses on your geographic location like #Indy or #Carmel and you’ll soon meet a lot of new folks in your area with whom you can build strategic relationships.
    Happy hunting!
    –John Cannon
    twitter: @MyCarDoc
    Facebook: My Car Doc

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