September 21, 2020

Bye, Bye eBay Stores


  1. I’m a PowerSeller/Store Owner. I’ve gave up running auctions in favor of 100% store listings over two years ago and was crusing along very nicely with an average of 1,200 active listings until about three months ago when eBay started fooling with the seach results again. Sales are down 66%. I couldn’t afford to keep going with the reduction in sales but now with the fee increases coming, my business is effectively wiped out.

    Luckily, I was able to purchase my domain name early this year and I have some experience with web design (HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc).

    I’ve been looking around for eCommerce solutions. I’ve looked at Zen Cart — but just briefly. Have you considered osCommerce []? I’d be very interested in your thoughts about these two options or any other programs you’ve considered.

    I’ve used Mal’s eCommerce shopping cart for a couple of on-line stores I’ve built for friends but it’s too basic for my type of widely varied, limited quantity inventory. I have to have something that is dynamically, database driven and I don’t have the time, energy, or skills to build something professional-looking on my own.

    I don’t think my type of store inventory will succeed in an off-eBay environment but I can’t afford to not give it a try. I’ve thought about banding together with some of my fellow children’s clothing sellers who are leaving eBay into a ring or vitual mall or such but my experience is that such efforts lack professionalism and clout and have limited success.

    I’ve heard rumors (or more likely just wishful thinking) that Google will jump on this chance to offer a serious alternative to eBay. My thinking is that unless they already have something in secret development and will be ready to go live with the next three months (six months at the outside), it won’t work. We need a serious alternative now.

  2. check out

  3. Every move eBay makes seems to benefit them and not the stor sellers while eBay’s top competitors, and have had some tromendous gains over the past year. grew 102 percent to 2.2 million visitors, while grew 100 percent to 1.5 million visitors. Maybe this Goliath’s short sightedness his going to meet his david sooner then later?

  4. Stephany Davis says

    I have had an E-bay store for about 6 months and it has cost me more than it has made. Apparently E-Bay has realized that they are not making enough money from E-Bay store owners and would rather everyone just go back to the old days of individual listings. I guess over the past couple of years the E-bay store system has cost ebay so much money, now they are hitting us up for higher fee(s) and charges. We have done much better with our own store running on our own domain… We spend our money in online advertising and it works out much better that way! I say Good-Bye to Ebay! Hello to our own domain!

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